Shoulder to Shoulder these are the main characters in the Center Stage Social cast! 

Kelvon Ivery

Creative Director

Born in Beverly Hills, California; Kelvon studied Graphic Design, Arts and Theater at Cerritos College. Today Kelvon oversees the creative department for all of our valued clients. With a deep passion for music and dance, Kelvon is always pushing the limits of creative expression. 

Rodrigo Demetrio

Marketing Automation

Born in Sao Palo, Brazil, Rodrigo brings a vast array of marketing knowledge especially in the field of Marketing Automation. Rodrigo is the Co-Founder of Powertic; a quickly growing company that delivers the powerful marketing software known as Mautic to Businesses all over the globe.

Mariah Nixon

Senior Consultant

Born in Bristol, Quebec, Mariah is an outgoing extroverted consultant specializing in the hospitality sector.  She a calculative and analytical person with a straight to the point attitude.  Very brand focused, Mariah, quickly develops a personal connection with  your business and begins to peel back layers finding ways to optimize profits and functionality. When she’s not working you can often find her listening to The Coasters and writing screen plays.

Letasha Rose

Community Manager

Born and raised in Kapuskasing Ontario, Letasha in an unbridled creative copy writer, strategist and community manager. Letasha excels in relationship marketing with a fun and sensible intuition about people and brands alike. When she’s not working you will usually find Letasha in her home bakery whipping up something unimaginably delicious.

James Loney


Born in Bancroft, Ontario James moved to Ottawa in 2000 to Study Marketing. Working for several large firms over the years James continued his passion for marketing through practical experience. In 2017 he was inspired to grab the entrepreneurial reins and start a business. Today, James focuses on growing Center Stage Social in niche verticals that interest his team. When he’s not working James likes to work with horses, entertain friends, and play piano.