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- It takes 5 seconds for a viewer to form an opinion about your website!

- 95% of negative website feedback is design related.

Does Your Website Have?

Easy Navigation

Consumers visit your website for a reason. Don’t make it confusing with tons of unnecessary pages. Make navigating your website easy for your audience on desktop & mobile platforms.

5 pages or more
5 pages or more
Clear Objective

Don’t leave your consumers guessing. Your site’s objective has to be clear from the beginning of their buying journey. Make sure your services/products are clearly stated with their own dedicated webpage(s)

Clear Site Objective
Contact Page

EVERY website must have a contact page, a Facebook or Instagram handle won’t do. It’s best to have a dedicated email for your business as well – it aides with organization and  professional.

Contact Page
Contact Page
Enriched With Keyowrds

Keywords are your friend. Without niche keywords, getting your website on the first page of google would be impossible. Not only are keywords great for SEO, they’re also perfect topics for blogs, podcast or video post!

Blogging helps with keywords

Is Your Business Prepared?

Get the most out of your business by making sure your #1 Digital Doorway ( your website) is optimized for success. Don’t let closed doors stop you from making money. Bring your products and services online and sell to a whole new range of consumers, while keeping your current ones happy!