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What is Center Stage Social?

Center Stage Social is a digital marketing agency located in Ottawa, Ontario. We’re a Canadian business helping all businesses worldwide. We specialize in Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Automation, Pay Per Click Advertisements, and more. Our goal is to bring your business to the forefront of your industry. 

We love working with professionals in the beauty, real estate, construction, and hotel industries. Our digital marketing plans are hand crafted to the type of business you’re in.  We strive to propel your brand stand out and make you more money. We believe every business needs a website, you’re number one digital doorway. A keyword-enriched, mobile responsive web site is what your business needs in order to compete with top industry-leading brands.

Why a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Every business needs a Digital Marketing Specialist on their team. Whether it’s a full staff of specialist, or one person. Digital marketing for your business is crucial to it’s success – especially during these times. Social media is only getting bigger, better, and stronger with apps like snapchat, tiktok, twitter, and instagram. With the world becoming more digital, your business needs a specialist who can implement digital strategies for the success of your brand. Call us today at 613-890-2587 for your free digital marketing plan. Or check out our digital marketing blogs below for ways to market your business, for free!

Salon Marketing

Marketing a salon is not an easy task. There are many aspects to running a beauty-oriented businesses. From online bookings to email marketing and reputation management, a salon in this day and age must be equipped for the future. We provide industry leading seo techniques that will surely get your salon noticed. Get your salon online with a mobile responsive website that will grab everyone’s attention.

Restaurant Marketing

During these times, you may think that your restaurant is over. With the right tools, you can turn your brick & mortar restaurant into a fully digitized restaurant, capable of recieving orders anywhere in the ottawa region. Go beyond tables and chairs, connect with your clientle even while they are at home. Capture their eyes and mouths with mouth-watering social post and graphics.

Real Estate Marketing

Realtors have it tough. In order to stand out from such a saturated industry, real estate agents must stand out amongst the rest. There is no time for boring websites. Future homeowners want an interactive, easy viewing experience when on a website. That’s why platforms like Zillow & Houzz have a solid user base, it’s easy to use.  Don’t let your agency fall behind, never miss a lead with marketing automation techniques implemented on your keyword focused website which will ensure an influx of traffic.

Enterprise Marketing

Running any type of business full time is a lot of work, no matter the scale. In order to maintain your status as a leading brand in your industry, your business must incorporate the proper infrastructure and marketing techniques needed to stay relevant. Organization is key, as well as a great digital team to handle content creation, consumer/client relations & more. 

services we offer

Web Design

A business isn't official until there is a website that goes with it. Get the perfect digital doorway for your brand.

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive marketing tags, nurture leads, and maximize your email list with the power of mautic.

Pay Per Click

Run PPC Campaigns on google, bing, facebook or even instagram with targeted keywords, landing pages and more.

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