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Most businesses don’t need a graphic designer they just need some graphic design. Your company likely isn’t about to spend $38K per year on graphic design when you only need several graphics per month – what option do you have? Relationship is important so you always want to work with someone who understands your design objectives. We’re here to introduce a just the solution you’ve been looking for. 


Colours to pick from


Pixels to shine


Dimensions to play wtih


Dedicated Designer

How it Works

Our plans are design to help small to medium businesses professionally present themselves through graphic content. 

Email Your Request

Tell us about the project, we have a form to fill out for various types of graphic design request so we stay on brand.

Receive First Draft

Once re receive the request we start the design work in queue of your submissions. The only person ahead of you is you.

Send Revisions

We can work with you or directly with your printing company. When the design is exactly how you want it we'll send the final copy.


Your content is yours to use anywhere you want. We ensure that all of our graphic design work is free from copy right infringement and available for commercial use.

Online Ads

Digital ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. All companies use them in one form or another because they’re a measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness.

Brochures, Flyers & Pamphlets

Print Media is not dead (yet). It's one component of marketing that consumers still rely on for visually digestible information.

T-Shirts, Mugs,
& Other Branded Garb

The right design for the right medium is key for making a statement with your products. We help you create the right design for the right product.

Social Media, Blogs & More!

Don't spend countless hours trying to get the right social media or blog graphics for your post. Just send an email detailing what you want and we'll have it to you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Graphic Design at Center Stage Social

What kind of work can I request?

We can handle almost all of your graphic design needs. We do not do UI/UX design, branding, or complex illustrations.

How long does it take to get started?

After you sign up, you must complete onboarding which means we need some time to get to know your brand and your style. This usually takes 1-2 business Days.

Unlimited requests? Unlimited revisions?

Yup! We’re dedicated to our vision of one flat rate and your designer wants to get it right for you. Don’t forget, they are human, so you won’t get everything back insta-magically, but you’ll never be limited with how much you can send in.

How fast can you complete my request?

Everything we do takes at least 1 business day, sometimes more. Something that’s complicated or has a lot of moving parts will obviously take more time. Graphic design is a creative and technical job. Matching Style and taste is a talent so bare with us.

I need 100 designs a week, can you do that?

You can send in as many requests as you want and your designer will work through them like a production line. Sometimes our timelines take longer than your business needs. In that case we recommend additional accounts or working with another design service to meet your deadlines.

Do you do photography?

We have the people at center stage social for specialized photography of products, people and services – however this is not included in your graphic design package. For photography services please contact us for pricing.