Salon marketing helps salons modernize through digital content and engagements. We no longer live in an age of open signs and window displays to draw new clientele – Today our doorways are digital. So make sure your salon marketing plan is well kept, just like your clients!

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Digital Marketing Solutions For Salons

Here are 6 digital marketing solutions and that every modern salon brand should be doing. Your salon is missing many growth opportunities without a combination of the following services. We have years of experience delivering these digital services to clients all over North America.

Salon Loyalty Progams

Attract new customers and retain current ones with benefits of a loyalty program within your salon's marketing plan


Do you sell hair, skin, or nail products in your salon? Take that same product and create an online store that will convert while you sleep!

Beauty webinars/Courses

Teach your craft to others and make money for your salon brand while doing it. 

Social Media Marketing

Keep your clients updated with eye-catching graphics, copy, and a cohesive aesthetic.


Rank higher on Google, Bing, and yahoo with beauty-specific keywords, ppc campaigns, landing pages & more.

Virtual Assistant

Everyone loves to know someone is always there to help. Do that with the wonders of online chat & more virtual csr capabilities.

Salon Business Tips

12 ways to grow your salon
or spa!

The beauty industry is a competitive one, so we’re here to give you a leg up! Implement these tips into your salon marketing strategy  Click the button below to learn more!

Salon Marketing

We want you to stand out among the crowd and be recognized for the talent and innovation that makes you a leader and visionary. We want our you to see in yourself the success you first dreamed of when started your entrepreneurial journey. And last but not least we want to make life easier so you can focus on doing what you have always loved.

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