Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing is essential to any food-based industry that’s looking to gain ultimate success in this digital age. What’s your digital marketing strategy? Don’t have one, contact us today!

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing is a full time job no matter how big your business is. As a restaurant owner you’re in charge of everything from branding and marketing to operations and human resources. It’s just as important to have a professional managing your digital doorway as it is to have talent in your kitchens and front of house. Marketing your restaurant is a complex job involving many key components.


Restaurant Marketing Solutions


From Google, Yahoo, and Bing to Yelp, Foursquare, we make sure your listings are up to date and active. Fully monitored for customer engagement your listings will never be left in the shadows.


Centered around social engagement, your business needs to capitalize on the digital reach of social media. A strategy focused on engagement is time consuming but it builds your brand awareness.


Showing up in searches is a long term strategy that involves a wide variety of content and a keen focused strategy for on-site and off-site optimization. Get serious about search!


In the restaurant your business is always changing, and that means your website needs to keep up. From Staff to menu items to deals and promotions your website needs to keep pace.


Whether its take out or reservations you need to meet your customers online the same way your host or hostess meets them at the door. Be ready to serve with online ordering integration, reservations and live chat.


Speak directly to your patrons and stay top of mind with intelligent email marketing based on engagement and relationships. Promote events, specials, customer rewards and draw birthday traffic.


A bad review is sometimes inevitable for a restaurant. It’s how the bad review is handled that can make or break your business. Stay on top all review, good and bad!


Pay-per-click spending is paramount when promoting time sensitive campaigns in the food industry. We’re your PPC experts in segmentation, targeting and ad delivery.


With so many intricate changes to menus, promotions, and in-house print; a restaurant owner can be overwhelmed with the hefty price tag of freelance graphic designers. We’re you’re personal in-house graphics team ready to bring your ideas to life.

The Opportunity

Social Media Management For Restaurants

Today social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it exceedingly hard to reach your audience. Even if you have a large following only about 6% of your audience sees any given post. Social Media platforms are businesses just like yours so these new changes to their algorithm makes it a pay-to-play. 

If you wonder which social channel has the greatest organic potential for reach, it’s Instagram, without a doubt. Tell your story in images, chronicle all aspects of your restaurant operations, introduce new dishes or beverages, and encourage your customers to participate. 

Reputation Management For Restaurants

Studies show that once a restaurants reputation drops below 3.5 stars they are 60% more likely to experience a bankruptcy within 12 months. 

Google and other reputation sites like Yelp use an algorithm know as the Bayesian Average. Its not like other averaging algorithms because it takes into account predicted future reviews based on the current review patterns. 

Managing your reputation is a sure way change low-star rating when you can and get more 5 star ratings than you ever had. 

Social Media Influencers For Restaurants

If you’ve created an establishment where people love to gather and make great memories then the concept of using infrequence marketing as a channel to share that with millions of people is a no-brainier. 

Influencers are getting offers all the time, from bars and clubs, restaurants, salon, even large retail companies. Businesses want to get in font of their followers eyes.

Finding influencers that match your brand and more importantly your target audience, is a bog job. Getting influencers on board takes negotiation and time. The rewards, however are extremely beneficial to your brand. 

Tips that will grow your Restaurant Business!

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