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Back in the day, if a customer had a question, comment or concern, they would have to call a 1-800 number & listen to crappy hold music until a Customer Service Representative picks up. However, people today don’t have time for all of that-They want answers ASAP! Eliminate that stress for your clients & get a Virtual CSR that is available right away. Continue reading this blog to learn what a Virtual CSR is, what they do, how to pay a Virtual Customer Service Representative & other benefits of having a virtual customer service representative on your team!

What is a Virtual CSR?

A Virtual CSR (Customer Service Representative) provides various services to small business owners & entrepreneurs from a remote location. A Virtual CSR handles tasks ranging from social media management, email marketing & appointment scheduling. Here are a few other tasks that a Virtual CSR handles:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Various Digital Marketing Task
  3. Reports & Analytics
  4. Reputation Management
  5. Some Personal Task
  6. Event Management

Whatever work you need out of a Virtual CSR should be stated clearly in the job description. The advantages of a Virtual CSR for your business are undeniable, a Virtual CSR gives your business a sense of professionalism, support & security your audience expects. In addition, you’ll never lose a lead again, have better organization & much more.

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Customer Service Representative?

We know the value of money & how important it is to make a small budget stretch. This is true for any business, so why waste money on a person hired to do one task when you can hire a Virtual CSR. Here are a few reasons why you should Hire a Virtual CSR:

Reduce Cost

As a business owner, we’re sure you have stumbled upon the question: “how can I reduce my business labor cost?” With a Virtual CSR, you’ll be able to cut your labor cost in half due to no office expenses.. Hire a Virtual CSR for a certain amount of hours or even specified times a month. Virtual CSRs are great if you have a limited budget or if the work load tends to fluctuate.


Hiring a Virtual CSR  means you no longer have to spend money to train a regular Customer Service Representative. Hire someone who’s already a virtuoso in their field by investing in a Virtual CSR!

Prioritize Better

As a business owner, you can’t do everything and sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow. A Virtual CSR, gives you the ability to prioritize better. What you may not know can be handled by someone who does – a Virtual CSR. Your business’s longevity is too important for you to be overwhelmed with tasks a Virtual CSR could do.  Moreover, employing a Virtual CSR will keep you from micromanaging & help you gain better trust among your staff. Therefore, you can  a focus on bigger & better opportunities for your business.

Support Growth

Another great reason for hiring a Virtual CSR is that there’s always room for growth. As your business grows, you’ll be taking on projects that require immediate attention & fast turnaround. These projects include: Email Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Inventory, & Reports- all suitable for a Virtual Customer Service Representative.

Better Organization

Have a lot on your plate? A Virtual CSR can help with your business’s organization skills.  They can ultimately help you fill in those areas where you just can not reach.  A Virtual CSR can be found anywhere from sites like Fiverr to Upwork, & can range from any price depending on their skills . It’s always great to get some familiarity with your next Virtual Customer Service Representative, as they’ll basically handle the front end of your business. If you want to learn more on what a Virtual CSR can do for your business – Give us a call by clicking this link!

What Can A Virtual CSR Do?

Social Media Management

Social media management is very crucial to your Digital Marketing Strategy, and most businesses can’t survive without a Social Media Manager. This can be on of the jobs your next Virtual CSR can perform. If you don’t have enough time for the hustle & bustle of Social Media, why not outsource?

A Virtual CSR will be in charge of basic to intermediate social media task like:

Scheduling Social Media Post

Social Engagement

Content Creation for various social media accounts like facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.

Be sure that your next Virtual CSR is equipped to handle the complexity of social media management. It’s vital for your business to engage with your followers. That’s why Top Brands today turn to Virtual CSR professionals in order to handle large scale social media projects

Administrative Work

A Virtual CSR is great for handling your businesses administrative task like:

  • Data Entry
  • Booking Appointments
  • Scheduling meetings & appointments

Basically a Virtual Customer Service Representative can do anything an administrative assistant can do but from anywhere and at a lower cost.

Content Creation

Content Creation is important for your business and your SEO ranking. Have you ever wondered why leading brands like yours post so many blogs? To increase their SEO ranking organically.

Here are a few reasons why consistent blog posts are a great idea for your business!

  • More Website Visitors
  • Higher Ranking on Search Engines
  • Higher Conversion Rate

Your Next Virtual CSR can be in charge of your business’s content writing which is a critical aspect for any brand. Content Creation and copywriting isn’t that easy and can take up a lot of small business owners, which is why outsourcing those efforts to a Virtual CSR is a fantastic option for your business!


A Virtual CSR is great for bookkeeping, imagine someone handling small financial task from any location, no stress to you. Virtual CSRs can manage your  budget, make small business purchases on your behalf & much more! Depending on their knowledge, a Virtual CSR can help you during the next tax season, and that’s what matters the most right?!

Analytics, Reports, & Research!

A Virtual CSR can do many things such as: Reports, Research and Analytics. With a Virtual CSR, you’ll receive help with:

  • Consumer Trends
  • Resumes
  • Keep track of competitors & website analytics
  • Generate reports and track social campaigns
  • Digital Marketing Trends & much more!

Customer Service

Of course, a  Virtual CSR is well-prepared to handle your brand’s customer service needs. As a busy owner, we’re positive that you won’t have time answering phone calls, emails, or messages all day.  Just because majority of a Virtual Customer Service Representative job is done through digital platforms doesn’t mean that they can’t answer your phone calls either. A Virtual CSR can virtually do anything and taking it old school and doing your dirty work is one of them.

Website Management

Today, we tend to do the majority of our communication through digital devices which has ultimately changed the way we do business today. Social media platforms like facebook messenger and instagram make businesses like yours just a message away, giving your audience the sense of instant gratification, and makes it easier for businesses like yours to implement Virtual CSR services. Some customers just won’t have time to call; having someone answer not only calls, but questions that arise from digital platforms like your website and email, is a sure way to attract new customers and keep the ones you have happy.

Your website is your #1 digital hub to your audience, without a website, your business is virtually nonexistent and lead capturing will be impossible. For info on our web design services, click here! Have you ever went to  a website and once you’re on the homepage, a little box in the right hand corner of your screen pops up on saying: “Thank you for visiting our website, how may we assist you”? Well, that’s a Virtual CSR, an actual human waiting to help your clients, not a robot like many assume. A Virtual Customer Service Representative can help you keep the reins on your website visitors, see which webpages get the most hits, and answer your visitor’s questions.

Managing Your Virtual CSR

Hiring A Virtual CSR can raise some concerns, seeing that you won’t be able to interact with them in person, as you would a typical customer service representative. But if you’re able to keep up good communication skills, delegate work efficiently, and build & gain trust, along with great time management skills- you’re in the clear!

Here’s a detailed list on how to manage your next Virtual CSR:


Communication is key when you’re managing your next Virtual Customer Service Representative.  There are many apps and services that make communicating remotely with your next Virtual CSR a sitch. All it takes is a little research on the best communication tool for your business, we like to use SLACK . Slack is great for communicating with your team, local or miles away, slack gives your Virtual CSR a direct way to contact you at any time or place. You can also share business files, ideas, content & much more!

Delegate Properly

In order to manage your Virtual CSR properly, you must be able to allot task and manage time efficiently. There are several Project management tools that will help you delegate tasks to your Virtual Customer Service Representative like Basecamp or Scoro. These Project management tools have thousands of features and can  help manage your time and your Virtual CSR’s time more efficiently- and are relatively cheap. With tools like Time Doctor, you will be able to keep track of your Virtual CSR hours on a specific task, see if they’re using their hours efficiently, Track Breaks & much more.

Have Trust

When all said in done, none of the things we listed above won’t matter without trust amongst you and your Virtual CSR. You & your Virtual Customer Service Representative must establish some sense of trust before you (the owner), will ever feel satisfied with any of their work. No one likes to be micromanaged and a lack of trust will only aide that behavior. Have a diligent hiring process when looking for a Virtual CSR for your business. Make sure to ask questions that matter to you the most and be sure that your next Virtual CSR can do the job effectively, diligently, and is trustworthy.

How To Determine The Pay of a Virtual CSR

There are a few things that come into play when deciding the pay for your next Virtual CSR. Here’s a look at a few factors that compile a Virtual Customer Service Representative’s pay scale.


When all said in done, none of the things we listed above won’t matter without trust amongst you and your Virtual CSR. You & your Virtual Customer Service Representative must establish some sense of trust before you (the owner), will ever feel satisfied with any of their work. No one likes to be micromanaged and a lack of trust will only aide that behavior. Have a diligent hiring process when looking for a Virtual CSR for your business. Make sure to ask questions that matter to you the most and be sure that your next Virtual CSR can do the job effectively, diligently, and is trustworthy.

Type of work

You get what you pay for as they say, & that’s the case here too. The more you expect from your Virtual CSR, the more you will end up paying. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Good, you’ll have a person on your team that has a wide-variety of skills. Bad, the more your Virtual CSR may know, the more you may pay. As a small business owner, you must ask yourself, can you afford a Virtual CSR and their duties. If the answer is no- it’s probably best to find a better solution for your business needs. 

Generally, a Customer Service Representative handling inbound calls can make up to $30/hr. Administrative Assistants can earn up to $25/hr or more. You must take into consideration all the things you will be expecting from your Virtual CSR and pay them accordingly. From Copywriting to Social Media Management, your Virtual Customer Service Representative will be juggling various tasks, so make it worth their while.


Ever wondered why majority of Customer Service Representatives are from different countries? Well, cost of labour is cheaper in countries like India versus places like America or Canada. Although, hiring a Virtual CSR internationally can ideal for budgeting purposes. It can have it’s downfalls like, Time Zones, communication, language or training barriers. Hiring an independent contractor that’s a Virtual CSR from another country is a fantastic idea for your business plan. However, be prepared to inform your next employee on the standards & procedures of your brand thoroughly. Practice good communication skills & be clear on what you expect from them as your next Virtual CSR!

Paying A Virtual CSR

There are many ways you can pay your Virtual CSR. Just because your Virtual CSR is in another state or country, doesn’t mean that paying them will be a hassle.  You can use software like Paypal, Cashapp, Google Pay, Payoneer, Transferwise; or you can take it old school & do a Direct Deposit. With today’s technology, payment methods have become easier than ever, all you have to do if find a payment tool that is right for you and your next Virtual CSR. Make sure to do your research before committing to a software, take note of hiddens fees (if any) and anything else that might affect paying your Virtual CSR.

Where Do I Find A Virtual CSR?

Luckily, finding a Virtual CSR is easier than ever with platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, & Monsterjobs. All of these job listing sites are great but can take up lots of time and most often lead to hundreds of unanswered resumes in your inbox. This can be overwhelming for any business owner but if you’re in the market for a Virtual Customer Service Representative, you are in the right place. Eliminate the stress of finding someone you trust or a person able to fulfill your business goals. Here at Center Stage Social, we not only offer Digital Marketing, Web, Automation & Design Services, we also have a friendly staff of Virtual CSRs waiting to help build your brand. No matter what the job entails, our Virtual Customer Service Representatives are highly trained in their fields respectively. Give us a call today and get your FREE Virtual CSR quote. From Small businesses like Salons, to Enterprises and Restaurant franchises, we have the right package to get your business growing, and your customer’s questions answered quickly!

Hope to Talk Soon!


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